Terms & Conditions/Guidance notes

These Terms and Conditions, together with any other written information we brought to your attention during the process of confirming your booking, apply to your booking with Abidi Travels. Please read the Terms and conditions carefully prior to travelling and making any bookings. You consent to the Terms and Conditions when you book the Ziyarat (tour) travel. If you do not agree with any portion of the Terms and Conditions, you should not transfer any money/make a booking.

All communications concerning customer service or your booking needs to be sent to Abidi Travels, 55 Filmer Road, Luton, LU4 9BZ, United Kingdom or email to abiditravelsuk@gmail.com

These Terms and Conditions, together with any further terms and conditions notified to you by us prior to your entering into a contract with us, which are relevant to your booking and any other terms which we both otherwise agree will be binding on Abidi Travels and you once a contract is made between us (Our Terms). A contract will exist between us once you have made your booking with us, paid your deposit (or such other fee as may be appropriate, for example where you are making a ‘late booking’) and we have issued you with our booking confirmation. If any part of Our Terms is found to be invalid or unenforceable, then the remainder of them will not be affected and will remain valid and enforceable.

When making your reservation we, as a representative, would organize it for you to come into an agreement with the principal(s) or other supplier(s) such as airline/hotels/transport services i.e., coach, etc. We could reserve you a holiday deal, in which instance you would hold one agreement with the principal, or we could reserve the services that make up your trip with various principals or suppliers, in which instance you would have different agreements with every one of them. As a representative, we take no accountability for the actions or cuts of the principal’s(s) or supplier’s(s) Terms and Conditions would relate to your reservation and we suggest that you read them cautiously as they do hold significant details about your reservations. Kindly request for copies of these if you do not possess them.

Data Protection:
We will not use any personal data relating to you which we hold at any time for any purpose other than in connection with your booking. The booking information that you provide to us will be passed on only to the relevant suppliers of your travel arrangements. Furthermore, if required by any authorities, or as required by law, the information may be provided to public authorities such as customs or immigration. This applies to any sensitive information that you provide such as details of any disabilities, or dietary and religious requirements. Certain information may also be passed on to security or credit checking companies. Travelling outside European
Economic Area (EEA), controls on data protection may not be as strong as the legal requirements in the United Kingdom. We will not pass on such data to third parties save where this is necessary in connection with performance by us of our contract with you or as otherwise authorized by you. We may use such data to notify you of our services, offers and promotions from time to time. If you do not wish us to notify you please let us know. If we cannot pass this information to the relevant suppliers, whether in the EEA or not, we will be unable to provide your booking. In making this booking, you consent to this information being passed on to the relevant persons / organisations / authorities.

Website Content:
We take reasonable care to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in our brochures and on our website. However, content is subject to change, often due to the unforeseen circumstances or due to the actions of our suppliers (e.g., airlines, hotels, coach company, etc.) We will endeavor to notify you of any change known to us and affecting your holiday prior to issuing you with our booking confirmation and after that, as soon as we are
notified by our Suppliers. We do not generally use linking or framing. We are not responsible for the content, policies and services of any sites linked to or accessible via our website.

Booking Conditions:
All Ziyarat tours are subject to availability. When you make a booking with us you are making an offer to us to buy some of our advertised services. We reserve the right to refuse to accept and/or not to proceed with any booking at any time in our sole discretion. Once the contract is made between us, we will use reasonable skill and care to perform our obligations to you in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. All booking must be made by a person aged eighteen years or over. Where your booking is for more than one person, the first-named person in your party aged eighteen years or over will be treated by us as the ‘lead name’ for your booking. The lead name will be responsible for making all payments due to us in accordance with our contract.

Completion and submission by you of our booking form and/or making the payment towards the deposit will be treated by us as confirmation that you have read, understood and accepted all our Terms and Conditions. It is important that you accurately complete our booking form as all documents, notices and other information relating to your holiday will be sent to this postal or email address. It is your responsibility to ensure that the details which you supply to us are correct.

You will be notified at the time of booking of the hadiya (price) for the Ziyarat (tour). You will be required at the time of booking to pay us a non-refundable deposit. The Zaireen (passengers) are required to pay an installment or the whole sum at the time of booking. If only a part payment is made, the balance has to be paid on or before the stipulated due date. Failing to do so may result in cancellation of the booking by the principal(s) or supplier(s). This may involve cancellation fees set out in the Terms and Conditions. Unless otherwise mentioned in the booking conditions or advised all the amount paid for the bookings will be held on behalf of the principal(s) or supplier(S) concerned. All costs shown for travel administrations are in GBP (Pounds Sterling) £.

The prices quoted in our posters, TV advertisements, on our website or in our publicity and promotions from time to time are correct at the time of publication. In the event of any change in our prices to those stated we will notify you prior to accepting your booking.
All our prices are quoted in GBP (Pounds Sterling) £.
Our Ziyarat (tour) price does not normally include:

 Overseas airport departure charges payable locally, Porter, personal expenditure, hotel extras and extras for car hire.
 Taxes or compulsory charges introduced by Governments, regulatory bodies or airlines after you have booked.
 Security charges introduced or increased after you have booked relating to transportation costs.
 Travel insurance.
 Medical insurance.

Some bookings or prices are dependent on the number of Zaireen (passengers) and/or if you avail the early booking discount and if this applies to you, then you will be notified by us at the time of booking. We reserve the right to make further charges where numbers fall below those required to qualify for the discount offered or price otherwise appropriate. We also reserve the right to cancel such a booking in the event that numbers fall below the required number at any time up to 3 weeks prior to your due date of departure.

If you wish to make any change to your booking at any time after our booking confirmation has been issued and/or you made the deposit, we will try but cannot promise to meet your request. On some occasions, if members of a group booking withdraw, there are fixed costs which mean the remaining travelling party must pay more per person. We require your authority in writing before we can make any change. In the event that any change is requested in relation to a group booking we require the authority in writing of the lead name before we can make the change.

In each of the above circumstances, an administration charge will be payable of £30 per person where your request is received by us 60 days or more prior to your date of departure and £50 per person where the request is received less than 60 days prior to your date of departure. This charge is non-refundable. However, if an air ticket has already been issued and the flight cannot be changed to another name then the full cost of that ticket will be due.

Many of our suppliers, particularly airlines and hotels, do not permit us to change names or travel dates and impose full cancellation charges. We will pass these on to you in addition to our administration charge, where applicable. If you wish, following the issue to you by us of our booking confirmation, to cancel your booking or any part of it relating to any person (in the case of a group booking), we will require your authority in writing or (in the case of a group booking) the authority in writing of the lead name to do so. Our cancellation charges will apply (see the table ‘cancellation charges’ below). These are calculated with reference to the date on which we receive your authority in writing. We will not refund to you any deposits, administration charges, insurance premiums or any other fees or charges made by us and paid by you relating to. your holiday in the event of cancellation by you. We incur costs from the time you make your booking and you agree that if you cancel your booking you will compensate us for our losses and expenses, as per the table below. Our cancellation charges increase the nearer the cancellation is made to your departure date as we may not be able to claim back the money from our suppliers. We strongly recommend that you take out insurance cover for cancellation.
60 days or more Deposit only
59 – 43 days 40 % or deposit (whichever is greater)
29 – 42 days 75%
7 – 28 days 90%
6 days or less 100%

Client’s obligations:
 You will pay the Fee for the Services in accordance with the payment plan. You will provide Abidi Travels information and assistance in a timely manner, ensuring that information is complete and accurate; in each case as reasonably required to allow the Visa authorities to perform and Services, You hereby represent and warrant that all information and/or documents provide by you to Abidi Travels is your personal information and documents (and not, that of any other person), it is complete, true and correct and has not been manipulated or falsified in any way whatsoever.
 You will co-operated fully with Abidi Travels and follow Abidi Travels’s reasonable instructions in relation to the performance of the Services including attending all agreed appointments; obtain and produce all necessary information, documents and originals upon request and consents for the performance of the Services within the stipulated time mentioned by Abidi Travels.
 Please do carry the medication along with the general medicines e.g., Paracetamol, Imodium, Dioralyte, Lemsip, Soothers, plasters, etc. (If you take regular medicines for diabetes, high/low blood pressure then please take all your medicines for two weeks along with you, please do not rely on the medication from the destination country as you generally then suffer from change of medicine). You must inform us of any illness you suffer from.
 We strongly advise you to take travel insurance prior to your travel.
 We also strongly advise you to take medical insurance.
 There is a great chance that you may fall ill because of travel, exhaustion, change of weather, change of water, tiredness, lack of sleep, etc. please make sure that you do take medical insurance from UK itself prior to your departure.
 It is your responsibility to get the money exchanged either from within UK or in the destination country. However, the person in charge of the Qafila (group) will be happy to help you with the money exchange provided you put the desired amount into the envelope and seal it in front of the person in charge and ensure that the envelope has your name and amount on it.
 To purchase a Sim card. However, our volunteer or the person in charge will be happy to assist.
 To check the weather condition of the destination country during the stay and travel with the appropriate clothing (If in doubt then please contact Br. Abidi @ 0747 110 786 1
 To maintain modesty (hijab) including modest clothes and modesty in eyes at all times during the whole journey.
 To submit all the photographs with hijab else the visa might be unnecessarily delayed or rejected.
 If you have any suggestions to make, please use the envelope provided and hand it over to the person in charge. This will help us to provide the Zaireen (passengers) with a better service in the future.
 If you would like to sponsor a Majlis (Gathering), please inform the person in charge prior to the day of the Majlis (Gathering), and he/she will make the necessary arrangements.
 It is your responsibility to ensure that you and everyone travelling with you have valid passports for a minimum of 6 months from your due date of departure, 2 pages blank for visa stamp and vaccinations.
 You are responsible for ensuring that any existing medical conditions or disabilities which may require assistance are declared to us before you book your holiday or, if newly diagnosed, before your due date of departure so that we can pass these details on to our suppliers in good time. We are not in any circumstances liable if any carrier refuses you or any member of your party as a passenger as a result of any medical condition or disability.
 You are responsible for your behavior and that of your party. We and our suppliers reserve the right to refuse your booking or the right to board or the right to travel and to remove you and/or any member of your party from any transport, accommodation or any part of holiday if you or any member of your party is drunk or under the influence of drinks or drugs; if you are or we reasonably believe that you are in unlawful possession of drugs; or are behaving violently, disruptively, dangerously or irresponsibly or in any manner whatsoever which presents a risk to others or is causing a nuisance or annoyance to others. No refund will be given or compensation paid and no costs or expenses for which you become liable or which are incurred by you will be made by us or be recoverable by you from us in such circumstances. You may also become the subject of police inquiry or security measures or investigation and liable in the event that any offence is committed to criminal prosecution and penalties whether in the UK or in any other country having jurisdiction in respect of the alleged activity. You must fully cooperate with and follow any safety procedures and instructions given by any organisation which is running the activities which you do while you are on Ziyarat (tour).

Our liabilities:
 We will try our best to make your tour (Ziyarat) memorable, comfortable and provide you with all the opportunities to make it a spiritual success for you.
 Our aim is to make sure that we fulfill our obligations to you, as you are going to be the guests of IMAM (AS) during your stay in the Holy cities.
 Every individual, whether it is the organizer or the Zair, has to go through a test of patience, forgiveness and tolerance on this journey. If you feel that we have not met your expectations, we request you please to forgive us.
 Our ultimate intention is to please the IMAM (AS) and do justice to our role as the organizers.
 To organize Majaalis (gatherings) almost every day either at haram or at the hotel depending upon the situation and daily schedule.
 Many of our trips take place in destinations where local conditions vary enormously, and the people we deal with on the ground may be less time-conscious or meticulous in planning than ourselves, and while we will do our best to ensure that the Ziyarat (tour) goes according to plan, we ask that those who travel with us do so with a spirit of adventure, in a positive frame of mind, and in good humor. We do not accept responsibility for the acts and/or omissions of any third parties with whom you may have made
any bookings or arrangements direct. We do not accept any responsibility for death, injury or illness caused by any act or omission whether of any third parties acting outside of our authority, instructions or control or with whom you may have made any bookings or arrangements direct or any cause which we could not reasonably prevent. We are not liable to you where our failure or the improper performance of any of our obligations to you is due to:
 Any fault or failure of you or of any member of your party
 Any fault or failure of any third party unconnected with us and the provision of the services for which you have contracted with us to provide which are unforeseeable or unavoidable.
 Circumstances beyond our or beyond our supplier’s reasonable control (which circumstances are without limitation as mentioned above) although we will endeavor following notification to us to provide you with our prompt assistance where our failure or improper performance result from
circumstances not due to any fault or failure of you or any member of your party. In respect of travel by air, the provision of accommodation, our liability is additionally limited in the manner provided by the relevant International Conventions.

Special requirements:
If you have any special requirements (dietary or otherwise) you must inform us of these at the time of booking so that we can pass these onto our suppliers. We cannot guarantee that your requirements will be met. However, and we are not liable to you in the event that your wishes are not met.